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Can I convert my favorite bra so that I can use Brapples?
Yes, and it is quite easy to do. Cut the existing straps so that 1 inch remains in the front and back. Fold over both front and back straps to form a loop. You may hand sew or use a sewing machine to secure the loops in place. If this tasks scares you, any seamstress can help.

How should I wash my fabric straps?
The preferred method is to hand wash them with your bra and allow them to air dry to retain best color and appearance.

Do you sell wholesale or for home parties?
Of course. Just fill out your information on our contact form and we will quickly get back to you with our rate sheet.

Shipping is based on size and will typically be sent first class or priority mail. If you need it overnight, please contact us to make arrangements.

If something is out-of-stock, does that mean it will never be available?
No, please email at or send us a message through the contact form provided on website and let us know what you would like. For any additional questions please contact us at We can be reached by phone at (630)339-6556.

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